AONB Dates for 2020

 Discount Surf lessons - EX, TQ and PL postcodes

Our ever-popular AONB sessions are back! Here are the dates for your diary in 2020. 

AONB DATES £20pp 1.5 hour 

SURFING (age 6+)

Sat 25th April 2pm (check in 1:40pm)

Sat 16th May 3:30pm (check in 3:10pm)

Sat 13th June 2pm (check in 1:40pm)

Sat 11th July 2pm (check on 1:40pm)

Sat 8th August 3:30pm (check in 3:10pm)

Sat 12th Sept 3pm (checkin 2:40pm)

Sat 3rd Oct 2pm (check in 1:40pm)


PADDLE BOARD (SUP) (age 12+) £20 1.5 hour 

 Sat 13th June 10am (check in 9:40am)