Back to work for Discovery - all the information you need to know

Updated 8th July

We’re delighted to announce that the Surf School is open for equipment hire and surf and SUP lessons.

We've now been open for over a month and all the hard work we have put into preparing our surf school site so it is safe for us to welcome you all has worked really well. We’ve been following all the latest Government guidelines and risk assessing. We have also been audited by the ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) to ensure we meet all the Covid 19 safety guidelines.

There are a few changes for you to be aware of so we can minimise any risk. 

- All our kit will be disinfected prior to use and immediately after

- Social distancing will be in place at all times

- Hand sanitiser is available at 3 points in the surf school area.


Pre booked:
1)  Phone, message or email to book lesson or hire and pay. Form details taken, procedure explained, for example surfing is an activity that requires a certain level of physical fitness,  and you should be aware of this before committing to booking a lesson. We can take card payment over the phone or via a card payment link, that’s sent to your email address.
2)  Checking In - At the Kiosk. One person from your group to check in.
3)  Meeting point - which is next to the trailer in the car park, opposite the surf school/Venus take away building. A sign will indicate the meeting point, this is where you collect your equipment for hire or lesson. Safety talk for hire, or for lesson where you get your kit.
4)  Return kit to where you picked it up from.

Discovery Surf School kiosk where you will check in

Walk up booking:
This is acceptable and we look forward to welcoming you, but if you can prebook and pay that's great.
1) One person at a time in the kiosk. For a lesson we will take details verbally, and take payment (if not pre-paid). For hire we’ll take the details verbally (we have a screen). No deposit will be physically taken, please bring photo ID with your address on; we will write this on our hire form.
2) Then wait at the meeting point to collect your kit and have safety talk.
3) Return kit to where you picked it up from.

Meeting Point next to trailer 

Social distancing
Please keep at least 1m from staff and other customers.
Before using the card machine
Use the hand sanitiser provided before you pay. Located at the the entrance to the kiosk or from the meeting point. We have face screen in place at the till/card machine.
Equipment and Clothing Hygiene
All our kit is disinfected prior to handing over to customers, we use disinfectant spray.
Equipment is disinfected after the session, wetsuits and boots washed as per normal thoroughly in the bucket with disinfectant.

Hand sanitiser available around Discovery Surf School area

Kiosk specific
Please try to pre book/pay before arrival. But we do have a card payment option, ideally contactless, in this case there is no contact with any surfaces. Till and card machine are regularly wiped down with disinfectant.  
We have a screen in front of the till/card machine in the kiosk, and please only one person at a time the kiosk.
We will accept cash, but please try to either pre book/pay or use card machine.

Kiosk with safety screen

Covid Symptoms
Do not come if you have a cough, high temperature or loss of taste.

Lesson Specific (1m distancing)
The current guidelines stating that 6 people can meet up have enabled us to be able to offer lessons for groups of up to x5. Social distancing must be maintained at all times in and out of the water.

SURF - To give you an idea of how we will manage the lessons there will be lots of detail with catching your own waves, paddling, and self rescuing. Instructors will have a board with them so they can tow pupils if required, but we will be encouraging self sufficient surfing, and now that we're able to come within 1 metre we can assist with catching waves too.

SUP. If client falls off the board, they must be able to get themselves back onto the board safely. Pupils need to have core strength, and the techniques will be demonstrated at the start of the session by the instructor, and the pupils will need to demonstrate this before we head further away from the beach.

- Where possible please keep 1m apart from Discovery Staff and other customers.
- Please clean hands with sanitiser provided before paying for rental or lesson.
- Only one person to enter the kiosk at a time.
- Leave space at the door entrance of the kiosk.
- Kit collection point is next to the trailer, indicated by ‘meeting point’
- Carpark is open and prepayment is recommended - RingGo 01822 670673 or       through the app. The code for the carpark is 3476.
- Venus Cafe is open for takeaway food and drinks as are the public toilets.

We have taken guidance from the Government.

We have also looked at  docs from Sport England, Surfing England and ASI. We are following all this guidance along with our knowledge that’s specific to our operation.