Surf Club

Surf Club is designed for children aged 8-16 who are keen to meet other local children and improve their surfing by building up lots of water time. It's been really tricky trying to decide how to run Surf Club this year and stay covid safe, as there are so many restrictions we are bound by. 

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Starting in September 2020 we are running Surf Club as a course with set dates and times that you book and pay for in advance as a block. If we have to cancel due to surf/weather conditions you'll get a refund/credit for that session. You also get free board and wetsuit hire over the weekend through September and October to practice (subject to availability). 


Surf Club costs £72 per block of 4 sessions (£18 per session). Anyone can book on to the courses as long as they've had a lesson with us before. Please note that we have limited availability for slots. If we are full on the course then you can get a group together and make your own Private Surf Club. this is £90 for up to x5 for 1.5 hours and £108 for 6 people. 

Surf Club course dates

SURF CLUB - AUTUMN COURSE - SATURDAY 9:30am- £72 (set price) 1.5 hr 
9:30am 12th Sept
9:30am 26th Sept
9:30am 3rd Oct
9:30am 10th Oct
Note: no session on the 19th Sept due to Spring high tide.

SURF CLUB - AUTUMN COURSE - SATURDAYs 12pm - £72 (set price) 1.5 hr 
12pm 12th Sept
12pm 19th Sept
12pm 26th Sept
12pm 3rd Oct

SURF CLUB - AUTUMN AFTERSCHOOL  - Wednesdays £72 (set price) 1.5hr sessions
4:30pm 9th Sept
4:30pm 23rd Sept
4:30pm 7th Oct
4:30pm 21st Oct


. Please book in for Surf Club by 5pm the day before.

. If the surf conditions are looking too rough for Surf Club to go ahead, we will let you know the day before.

Annual Surf Club Social

Every year we organise a Surf Club social as an opportunity for everyone to get together for a fun surf and a social. This is a great day for all of the family to get involved with the Surf Club, and a chance to spend some social time at the beach.