Stand up paddle boarding

Learn to SUP with the UK's first surf school to offer paddleboarding lessons. 

Format: Each of our surf lessons will begin with a 15(ish) minute safety and technique lesson on the beach. This time is included in the overall lesson duration. Once the basics like controlling the board, standing up and getting in safely have been nailed on the sand, it's time to hit the water!

Age: In all SUP lessons, participants must be at least 12 years old, and able to confidently swim 50m as the equipment is quite big so harder to control if you are smaller. 

Ratios: All of our private SUP lessons run with a maximum ratio of 6 pupils per instructor. School group ratios are slightly larger at 8:1 maximum. 

You can also purchase a lesson as a gift voucher.

Private SUP lessons

As with the surf lessons, you will begin by learning the basics on the beach, then take to the water. All SUP lessons are private, so you can benefit from a more personalised experience. 

1 or 2 people

1.5 hour 1 to 1 is £89. 2 to 1 is £99. Learn to Paddle Board with the UK’s first surf school to offer SUP lessons. AALA registered.

Families and groups

£100/£120/£144. This price is for up to 4 pupils. £144 for 2 hours or £120 for 1.5 hour. Add £36pp (2 hours) or £30pp (1.5 hours) for extra pupils. This lesson is private and discounted. Children aged 12+ (strong swimmers) and adults.

Groups and schools click here
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Stand up Paddle Surfing (SUP) is a traditional Hawaiian style of surfing where you are permanently standing on a large longboard and use a long paddle to move across the water and catch waves. The great thing is you only need a tiny wave to have lots of fun, or just exploring Bigbury/Burgh Island is great fun. 

Discovery Surf School was the first surf school in the UK to offer SUP lessons (Martin and Annika enjoyed trying the sport while on Honeymoon in Kauai in 2006!)

We use Red Paddle paddleboards and Starboards which are both regarded as the best in the sport. 

SUP has exploded in popularity in the last couple of years - it is such fun and really accessible (anyone can do it!) Here at Discovery we have a huge range of kit, so if you're looking for a lesson or to hire we can cater for you.

We also have 2 XLSUPs - guaranteed to be the funnest thing you do all summer!  These boards can accommodate up to 8 people per board and are fun for cruising or catching small waves. They are super stable, versatile and great quality. From 2020, these will be available to hire out. 

If you are looking at buying your own paddleboard after your lesson with us we can give you loads of advice and Triocean in Kingsbridge sells a wide range of boards.

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