Paddle board (SUP) hire

As well as providing lessons in stand up paddle boarding, we also have the equipment for you to hire (subject to weather/surf conditions). 

For children, 8 or 9 foot soft surfboards can be used as SUPs (we will provide buoyancy aids). This will be for the price of surfboard hire.

When hiring out equipment, we ask that you leave a deposit with us (preferably a form of photo ID like a driving licence) so we can keep track of your hire. 

We are in the lower car park Bigbury (next to Venus Cafe), and during peak season we are also on Bigbury Beach (causeway side in front of Burgh Island).

Red Paddle, Aztron, and Starboard paddle boards.

SUP hire prices

(Includes buoyancy aid, paddle and leash)
1 hour: £22

2 hours: £30

3 hours: £35

Day: £45

XLSUP hire

Hiring an XLSUP would be a great activity for a family/group coming down to the beach! It can accommodate 8-10 people and costs £80 per hour Buoyancy aids are included and we recommend that you wear them. 

SUP adventures

Our section of the coastline is beautiful to explore on foot, but even better on the water. If the conditions are really calm, you can explore areas within the bay here in Bigbury-on-Sea, or paddle across to the neighbouring bay at Challaborough. The Island provides a great bit of shelter from the wind and swell so paddling inside it is generally quite safe. When the water is especially pristine, you can even paddle all the way around Burgh Island. The photo below shows the first cove on a sunny day, one of our favourite spots to visit. From start to finish the paddle should only take about an hour, but we recommend allowing for two hours so you can stop and admire the scenery. 

Paddle board, Burgh Island,  Paddle board, Burgh Island,