Martin Connolly, co-owner of Discovery Surf School is an ASI (Academy of Surf Instructors) master coach. Martin is a top rated British surfer and an English National Masters Champion with over 20 years experience as a coach and a lifeguard, on Australian and local beaches. Martin is from Plymouth and has grown up surfing South Devon and North Cornwall’s coastline as well as travelling around the world. Martin is the producer of the 110% Surfing Techniques franchise, selling coaching DVDs/downloads which have a worldwide audience.


Annika Connolly helps to run the surf school, surf shops and online surf instruction business as well as running around after surf groms Sebastian and Kira. Formerly a successful competitor, Annika is also a coach with much experience.

Jess Harvey

Jess has been part of the Discovery Surf School team for many years - she first started coming along as a pupil when at Holbeton Primary School, and has grown into a talented surfer. Jess is our Full Time manager and brings her vast experience and super organisational skills to the team.

Harry B

Harry is an established member of the team, and has been part of the Surf School family for many years - Harry works with us part time as a Manager and doing lessons. He is also one of our specialist Special Needs coaches. When he's not with us at the surf school, Harry spends a lot of time in London, where he has a job in the film industry. 


Eva grew up in Ringmore and has been part of the Discovery family since she was a little grom at Surf Club. She is now one of our main coaches with many years under her belt, and lots of experience in the water. Eva also helps to run the office so will often be found doing a mix. Eva is now studying Biomedical Science at university.


Ben is an experienced instructor at Discovery, having got four years of coaching under his belt already. On a busy summer’s day you are likely to find him either helping to run our shop, or taking lessons out in the water. He has grown up close to us and spent lots of time at the beach with his family. Ben is now also studying engineering at university.

Max S

Max is one of our most senior members of staff, who has been part of the team for a while now. He has spent time lifeguarding locally, surf coaching, and now you'll find him organising your lessons and hire in the shop and on the beach. We are very happy to have Max back with us for the summer.


Sophie has lived relatively locally for all of her life and has always loved the beach. A few years ago she qualified as a surf instructor and since then she has worked summers with us coaching here in Bigbury-on-Sea. Sophie took a year out to travel and surf abroad. She is now studying marine geography at university in Cardiff.


Megan is a regular surf coach at Discovery and has a couple of seasons under her belt. She is a stand out local surfer and you'll regularly find her out surfing. She is also currently studying at University.

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Cam lives very locally to Discovery, and started his surfing career at Surf Club with a few friends (and now fellow instructors) from primary school. He has spent several seasons coaching with us and is a very popular member of the team.


Gwill started surfing with Discovery through South Dartmoor Community College and was always a stand out surfer. As Roookie of the Year 2021, Gwill has excelled as a coach and is back for another season.


Fred is a talented surfer and a fantastic coach, and is into his second season with Discovery. He is currently studying for his A levels.


Holly has grown up by the beach and been part of the Discovery team since she was really young. She is currently taking a gap year and has just rejoined us after spending some time enjoying the sun and waves in Sri Lanka over the winter. You'll find Holly organising hire and checking you in for your lessons.


Kai has grown up in South Devon and spent a lot of time in and around the water from a young age here and around the world. She is passionate about her job and has developed into a great instructor. Kai is also currently studying at University.


Barnaby is an accomplished coach and has spent the last few years instructing here. He grew up locally and spent lots of Saturday mornings in the water at Surf Club with his friends from school. Barnaby is now studying at university and back coaching for the holidays.


Grace is an experienced instructor here at Discovery, and has coached with us for many seasons now. She is really creative and is happiest spending time in the water and at the beach. Grace loves travelling and is also on a gap year from university.


Louis is one of our newer coaches and is also Grace's little brother. He has already established himself as a fun and enthusiastic coach and a standout surfer.

Finn W

Finn is one of our super shop staff who will check you in for lessons and organise your equipment hire. He started out coming to Surf Club and has loved being at the beach ever since. Finn is studying at university in Exeter so joins us during his time off.


Ed is a talented and enthusiastic coach and learnt to surf at Bigbury. When Ed isn't teaching you how to surf he is patrolling the beaches with the RNLI as a Lifeguard.


Kate Lindeque graduated from Surf Club shredder to Discovery Surf Coach and now an established member of the team. Kate has become is a talented instructor, and is also working for the RNLI as a lifeguard. Currently also studying for her A Levels.


Sunny is the newest member of the Discovery team and is an enthusiastic coach. Sunny lives locally, and as well as working as an instructor in Devon and Cornwall he has also worked at a local vineyard.


Emily grew up locally with a love for the beach and being in the water. She is a friendly face at the surf school and quickly building up her coaching time. When she's not working, Emily is often searching the North coast for waves or getting up for an early surf with the girls!

Finn S

Finn is one of our newer coaches and has already put a lot of hours in. We are really happy to have him coaching with us.


Hattie is one of our newest coaches for this season. She is already a super team member and great instructor. Hattie has grown up locally, spending lots of time in the water as part of our Surf Club and surfing in her free time.

Max M

Max has been a part of Discovery since he was really little, first coming to Surf Club with his younger bothers while on holiday. Now he is an experienced member of our shop staff, and studying business at uni in Exeter.


Matt is an experienced coach and a talented local surfer. He lives locally with his wife and daughter. You'll sometimes see him at the beach teaching beginner lessons and inspiring the Surf Club groms...

Finn H

Finn has been coming to Discovery for many years, as a Surf Club grom, wetsuit washer and now surf coach! Finn grew up and still lives locally so he can be found at the beach all year.


Sennen is a member of our shop staff and also a trainee instructor. Like many of our coaches, he started out as a grom coming to Surf Club but now works during his time off from school.


Noah has been around the water from a very young age, and started surfing competitively when he was around 10. Since then he has won many events, and was crowned the UK Pro Surf Tour U18 champion a couple of years ago. A fantastic and inspiring achievement.


Charlie returned to coaching at Discovery after lots of other adventures around the world. He is now joining the marines, but hopefully we'll see him at the beach a bit too!

Joe B

Joe has done many seasons coaching with Discovery, and also came up through the ranks of Surf Club. Joe is an accomplished surfer and comes back to coach with us on visits back home.