Fast Track Courses 2022

FAST TRACK COURSES 2022 - £136 Adults and children age 14+ ( 2 x 1.5 hours each day)

Sat 28th May and Sun 29th May 10am to 2pm

Sat 18th June and Sun 19th June 12pm to 4pm

Sat 25th June and Sun 26th 9am to 1pm 

Sat 16th July and Sun 17th July 12pm to 4pm

Wed 27th July and Thu 28th July 9am to 1pm

Wed 3rd Aug and Thu 4th Aug 12pm to 4pm

Wed 10th Aug and Thu 11th Aug 9am to 1pm

Wed 17th Aug and Thu 18th Aug 12pm to 4pm

Wed 24th Aug and Thu 25th Aug 9am to 4pm

Sat 3rd Sept and Sun 4th Sept 12pm to 4pm

Sat 24th Sept and Sun 25th Sept 12pm to 4pm

Sat 8th Oct and Sun 9th Oct 12pm to 4pm

Sat 22nd Oct and Sun 23rd Oct 9:30am to 1:30pm


Aimed at adults and older children progressing fast and having fun along the way.