Online video tutorials for prone surf foiling. Out now on Vimeo on Demand and YouTube

In Collaboration with Foiling Magazine

Foil Surfing Techniques - How To Surf Foil starts off with some surf foiling basics. Covering foiling etiquette, take offs/pop ups, control, wave choice, beginner mistakes and lots more.

Future foil tutorials will be more progressive.

New video out now: How To Pump Up The Foil

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Learn To Surf Foil
Available on Vimeo On Demand


Foil Surfing Techniques is written by Martin Connolly, who's been surf foiling since 2019. Martin has a background in surf coaching and produced 110% Surfing Techniques - online surf tips.

Voiceover & filming by Annika Connolly. Thanks Rich Boughton and Luke Lane for the additional drone footage. Filmed in Devon and Cornwall, plus Portugal and Barbados.